I always write for myself, then my reader, then for nonbelievers When I think of expressing this kind of “about me” stuff in an article, I stop myself because it’s not directly useful to you.

So this is just one big page where I can write all about myself, without feeling the need for it to be useful. And some day this site will be all that’s left of me, so I might as well write my own mini autobiography.

Timeline for Context

  • 1969: born in Ohio
  • 1976: started playing organized basketball and football
  • 1979: became a water boy for the football team of my soon to be high school
  • 1986: started dancing in local hip-hop groups
  • 1988: started business administration at The Ohio State University
  • 1990: started hosting local campus parties on the campus of OSU
  • 1993: graduated college, moved to Atlanta, GA, got a job as a runner for the manager of the rapper MC breed
  • 1994: Moved back to Ohio and held a job as a Radio Station engineer and Production Director
  • 1998: daughter was born
  • 2000: wrote a couple of music reviews for a local newspaper
  • 2000-2014: rough stretch of years
  • 2015: started my relationship with our Triune God
  • 2019: got married
  • 2020: became a realtor
  • 2021: started writing, created a blog
    joined Toastmasters
  • 2022: started writing The Devoted Man


I now believe we are all born to create, I’m ambitiously focused on creating

More than anything, I want to make lots of stuff. I want to make articles, books, websites, music, companies, systems, apps, and especially new ideas.

This shapes most of my life decisions. Saying no to almost everything, so I can have lots of time for making.

I connect with those who stretch, strive, and grow. I can’t relate to those who chill, hang out, watch TV, party, etc.

I’ve optimized my life for creating and learning. I’ve cut out most things from my life that most normal people do — (like hanging out or media consumption) — in pursuit of my bigger goal.

I love to work alone

I use the term “work”, because it’s more understood, but really it’s “me time” — doing what I love. Writing, learning, improving, and creating. Whether it’s creating articles, books, or companies, it’s all just creating.

The word “workaholic” would apply, except it’s play, not work. It’s completely intrinsic — just following my own interests. I’ve found what I love, and do it as much as possible.

I prefer this as a solo pursuit. Being around other people drains me, and I don’t want to compromise this side of my life. It’s a very personal pursuit. It’s not business — it’s more like art. The rewards are internal.(Quote from Derek Sivers but expresses my sentiments exactly)

Nobody gives a novelist anything for writing alone. But an entrepreneur, programmer, or musician is expected to collaborate. I disagree, for me. I prefer the life of a novelist, whether I’m writing notes, ideas, or books.

I’m a minimalist

I hate waste. I don’t like the feeling of having more than I need. It feels like clutter.

I’m learning to be content with less. I’m learning less is more. Minimalism equals freedom.


I don’t like live music. (I know that is a very despicable opinion.) I love great recordings.

Like my preference for one-on-one conversations, my relationship to a piece of music is personal — it’s between me and the music. I don’t want to have a bunch of other people around, and don’t want to be distracted with other things when listening. Ideally, instead of a one-to-one relationship between listener and musician, it would be one-to-zero, where I can’t even know who the musician is. Then I could focus just on the music itself, and not be distracted by any personal information about the musician.( Quote from Derek Sivers and it expresses my point of view exactly)

Format and some of the views inspired by the site Sive.rs