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Christian Dating Advice for Men

Christian Dating Advice for Men is a guide for single Christian men seeking happy marriages. It shows men how to overcome the biggest challenges they face on secular dating sites like and even on most Christian dating apps. Author, Derrick McQueen, shares the spiritual truths that led him from frustrating dating experiences to finding and marrying his loving wife, Kali. Christian Dating Advice for Men makes a great gift. Gift it to yourself or another man looking for a fulfilling life in a Christian marriage. If you’re a woman, give this thoughtful gift to a man who will benefit from its love-affirming wisdom. Discover More About Derrick McQueen’s Christian Dating Advice for Men by Listening to his Podcast on PodBean or Spotify

The Devoted Man

I’ve always been interested in marriage, and I’m a believer. Now I’m even more of a believer. Why? In 2017, I decided to attempt to find my wife using not my understanding but God’s ways.

Where did I look? Where did I go to find her? A dating app. Dating apps were starting to get a more trustworthy reputation. I was frustrated with the looking-here-and-there approach, so I decided to focus on a dating app to find her, as it offered a way to date that would save me time but not shortcuts.

The way I was dating previously was a waste of time. My behaviors during dating back then were casual and uncommitted at best, unfocused dead ends. Then my relationship with the Lord started to grow, and I decided to date his way. The Red Sea parted.

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